What (or who) can we trust?

We are lied to a lot. We have been lied to so much that there’s suspicion in our minds now when we listen to people outside our close circle.Scams abound, and we’ve learned we need to be careful of what information we give out about ourselves and what we believe of what we hear. It hurts to be lied to! It often erodes our trust in people, and can leave us feeling shut down and alone.

What can we trust then? What can we have faith in that won’t let us down and betray us?

The still small voice within.

It has no agenda, and is wisdom itself. It comes from our spiritual center that knows. It knows what’s in the best interest of our being, even when it doesn’t make sense to us. I had this happen a couple days ago when I had the sudden impulse to go to use the internet at a particular coffee place when II had a half an hour of unscheduled time. I followed the impulse, and found myself sitting next to a woman I had met briefly at a gathering. We ended up talking for that half hour, and I realized that I was drawn to that place to connect with her, not to use the internet at all.

Another time I followed that still small voice within was when I was upset with someone recently. I wanted to say something at that moment, but my inner voice told me to wait to not say anything until the next day. Even though it was hard for me, I kept quiet. The next day I was given information from within about how to handle that situation in a way that created connection and understanding rather than the conflict that would have been the result of my having followed my impulse to speak when I wanted to.

It takes practice to hear that quiet inner voice. It’s often hard to hear amidst the yelling of our critical and judgmental inner voices. They are so very loud, and we have lots of practice and reinforcement to listen to those. Our life experience teaches us that it’s wisdom to be critical and judgmental. Our quiet inner voice speaks with discernment, which is respectful of all. It keeps us aware of what is best for us, while also honoring others.

Meditation helps to quiet the mind enough to recognize when the quiet inner voice when it’s speaking to us. Then we need the willingness to follow it’s instructions. There can be an internal protest when it doesn’t match what we want to be doing. That was certainly true for me when I wanted to speak my mind. It was hard for me to not say anything, but I did because I’ve learned to trust that I ALWAYS benefit when I listen. I have had enough times of regret when I disregard my inner voice, and experiences of gratitude and relief when I do listen.

It can be downright painful to be lied to, and often hurts our hearts. Knowing we have a source we can trust within ourselves can give us much needed inspiration, and bring us the quiet healing balm of compassion and clarity.

It would be my joy to assist you

in connecting with your quiet inner voice through individual and group sessions.

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