What is Sound Healing?

To begin to understand Sound Healing, you must first understand that everything that exists is vibrating. 

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency to the energy that you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is Physics.

-Albert Einstein

   As we know, vibration creates sound. Just as we can’t see infrared or ultraviolet light because our eyes have a limited range of the information they can take in, we can’t hear the sounds of most of our world due because of the limited range of what we can hear. 

Some scientists say that every cell in our body has a sound, and therefore, so does every organ. If we could hear our body, it would sound like a beautiful chord when we’re in tune, and cacophonous when we’re stressed. When we’re upset and stressed, our body sounds like an orchestra with instruments playing out of tune, and perhaps even playing another melody. 

These scientists also say that every emotion has a sound as well. That’s why music affects us so profoundly. It plays the sound of an emotion, stimulates that emotion in us, and then we feel it. That’s why some music makes us feel happy, and others sad or excited or calm. There is a physical law called entrainment, in which two vibrations that are similar will vibrate at the same rate.

One example of this is when people listening to a lecturer they are interested in, their brain waves become synchronized with the speaker’s brain waves. Another example is our being entrained to the rhythm of the earth which is 7.83 HZ. When astronauts went into space, they developed space sickness - nausea and disorientation. When they placed an instrument on board that played this resonance, the space sickness went away. We need the earth’s rhythm to stay well and balanced.

We are profoundly affected by sound. Think about how differently you feel listening to the sounds of the waves of the ocean, as compared to the sound of a siren blaring from an ambulance. One is relaxing and the other so stressful. Another example is the sound of laughter. It’s impossible not to laugh when you hear it. Or the sound of someone crying. It brings feelings of sadness up in you too.

   I had a very clear experience of the impact of the sounds of emotions when working with a mentally ill patient. Since he had been violent, one of our treatment goals for him was for him to get in touch with his anger. He was mystified about what his feelings were, and had no clue what we were talking about when we spoke to him of his anger. He came to one of my sound groups in which I had the patients vocalize their feelings. At the end of the group, he shared with us in amazement that he now knew what anger and sadness was. This came from listening to the sounds of these emotions made by group members, which then resonated these emotions in him.

Sound can help us get in touch with feelings that have been buried and repressed, so we can bring them back home to the love in our heart. This can help us go from feeling there are pieces of us missing, to feeling whole and complete. Reconnecting with your repressed emotions is done with great honoring and respect of your pacing; to  the wisdom in you that knows how much emotion to bring up at any given moment. Because sound is vibration, my experience in working with people over the last 30 years is that it creates healing movement in areas that have been stuck. This can help break up entrenched unhealthy emotional patterns, opening people to new possibilities in behavior and thought. I also use sound to evoke a body-level, visceral experience of Essence; that which is larger than ourselves.


People I’ve worked with have reported feeling peaceful, calm and grateful after listening to the sounds that come through my voice. This spiritual experience is without any dogma, and can help you know the truth of how worthy, loved and lovable you are. The more we are filled with the visceral, embodied experience of this Essence that loves us unconditionally, the stronger our conviction becomes that the hurtful critic within is distorting the truth. It may have a helpful message for us, but it’s saying it in a way that hurts rather than helps.

How Do You Work With Sound?

 I am intuitive in my sound healing. I open up to Essence, get out of the way, and allow sounds to pour out of my mouth. The sounds I make range from ancient, primal, and angelic. After 30 years of being told by clients I’ve worked on that these sounds have created healing shifts in them, I have learned to trust the wisdom that knows what sounds are needed. If my clients are open to it, I create a safe space for them to make sounds as well. To find one’s voice is very empowering, as our voice is connected to our very soul. In the first session or two, I talk with my new client to get a sense of their healing needs, and to get a sense of the pacing of the work.

When we are ready to begin the sound healing, I allow the transformational vibrations to come through my voice. I use alchemical crystal bowls in the session as well.  I often receive images of the unprocessed emotions and experiences that are being tightly held in the body. I then share this with my client, which allows them to connect with this themselves. My experience is that my client is ready for the information I am given, and they experience great relief after it is brought up. 

 An example of this is a client who had chronic stomach aches that she was unable to heal medically. As I worked on her, I saw an image of her as a frightened child. She had repressed her fear of her violent father, and had “risen above it”. Through awareness, the sounds of both the emotions and the loving Presence, she let go of a boulder she had been carrying in her emotional body. Her stomach aches lessened dramatically. If and when clients are ready, I guide them to use their voice to express their emotions.


There is tremendous healing in being heard. Think of what happens when you are angry at someone. If they get defensive and blame you instead of hearing you, the anger builds. If this person hears you, and sincerely apologizes, the anger melts. When we hear our feelings, they soften and shift organically. This is true when I am the one sounding, which is part of the power of this work. This is of course true when my clients are the one vocalizing. My clients often need time to discover they are safe to open their voice, and gentle coaching to be the one to make the sounds. Most of us have been shamed about using our voice. There is a huge sense of relief and empowerment if and when clients get to the point of being able to express their own voice.

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