How to find balance during this holiday season

As we enter into the holiday season, tensions rise. There’s a lot of focus on shopping and arranging schedules and do do do. Yet, this is the time of year where our attention is meant to go inward. Animals who hybernate do so during the winter. There is more darkness, trees lose their leaves, and flowers all but disappear. Animals and plants who are attuned to the natural rhythms go inward. Just as we breathe in and out, there are times to be active, and times to be quiet. This time of the year is a time to be quiet.

Part of the high stress levels most people experience during the holiday season is due to our being so out of step with the rhythms of life. Pushing ourselves to do do do and be so busy when our beings want to go inward creates a sense of being off balance and out of harmony with ourselves.

Yet, there are obligations, and our families and loved ones would be disappointed if we didn’t participate. So, how do we get some sense of balance given that?

The first thing is to notice that you are out of alignment with the natural rhythm. Naming it can help you feel less crazy and frantic, and can move you closer to your center. Make it a priority to have some quiet time each day. Your inner critic will push you to not take care of yourself in this way, and will insist that you put others first. Here’s a choice point. Do you allow that demanding voice within to bully you into ignoring yourself. Or do you take charge of your life by insisting you have the quiet time you need for your sense of wellbeing?

If you give yourself the gift of quiet time each day, tune into what would most nurture you during that time. Is it walkinging in nature, breathing, meditating, singing, listening to music, just sitting in silence…..Then you have more of yourself to bring into your life amid the hussel and bussel.

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