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You don’t need to be fixed. You don’t need to be different than you are. What you need to heal and feel better is to bring all of yourself back home to your own heart.

The potent combination of psychotherapy and sound healing can bring you relief from depression, anxiety, trauma and emotional pain. The tones in the voice can be used to access your deepest memories, feelings and states of consciousness.

Being heard is one of our deepest needs. Think of what happens when you’re angry at someone and you tell them. If they get defensive and don’t let in what you’re saying, then your anger remains. If, however, they really listen to you, and let you know they’ve heard you by a sincere apology, your anger softens. This softening happens when you listen to all your emotions.


I have a gift for being able to hear the sounds and see images of feelings and memories that people hold in their body. My training and decades of experience as a psychotherapist has made me highly attuned to the pacing of this profound work, so that the reunion with these disconnected feelings will be a healing one. 


Once these silenced and exiled feelings are heard, I then make sounds that can fill you with a sense of acceptance, nurturance, kindness and compassion. This visceral experience of being loved where you feel unlovable can help you to come to love yourself. 


Through this process of bringing exiled and disconnected feelings back into your awareness, you can at last experience a sense of wholeness. You will no longer be in fragmented pieces, and you can come to love yourself just as you are. 


Another gift of the sound healing aspect of my work is to allow you to tap into your higher spiritual consciousness that may have previously been out of your awareness.  This is something most of us long for, without knowing what it is we are missing. Reconnecting with your spiritual self is like meeting a long-lost family member who you didn’t know you missed so much until reuniting with them. Clients often report seeing colors, seeing loving presences, and having present or past life memories.

Hearing the sounds of your Essence can shift your perspective of yourself into one that's more expansive and free. You will probably discover gifts and beauty in yourself that you haven't known before because you hadn't felt worthy.


You can then live your life fully, become more confident, empowered and vibrantly alive.



What to Expect in a Session

Healing from the wounds of depression, anxiety, or trauma is a journey that begins with empathy and understanding. I will spend the first session getting to know you, learning about your symptoms, history, and current situation. The sound healing will be integrated in later sessions once this foundation has been built. This is the beginning of a profoundly healing process to help you fall more in love with yourself and reconnect with your authentic self. 


If you would like to experience sound healing without the psychotherapy component, I will spend the first 15 minutes of our session asking questions to understand your needs and intentions, then immerse you into sounds as guided by your Essence. 

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Sessions may be in-person or virtual depending on your comfort and preference. You have to dedicate 50 minutes of your time per session. Sessions can be paid for individually, or you may sign up for a savings plan to get more discounts.

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