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What Happens in a Session?

I am like a radio. I step aside and allow my voice to transmit the frequencies your Essence knows you need to heal. There are three ways your Essence, as well as my training as a psychotherapist, can help you heal through these sessions


1.  Get touch with, and feel, your repressed emotions. Avoiding these feelings can keep you trapped in mental and behavioral loops; acknowledging these feelings finally allows for release. I use my decades of experience with psychotherapy to bring these lost parts of yourself back home, and helpsyou integrate your disowned feelings with compassion and kindness. 


2. Bring in the nourishing emotional frequencies you lacked growing up. These could include validation acceptance, appreciation, and unconditional love. These missing frequencies, when heard, can help fill in the missing emotional experiences you needed as a child, and can help you flourish. 


3   Tap into your higher spiritual consciousness that may have previously been out of your awareness.  This is something most of us long for, without knowing what it is we are missing. Reconnecting with your spiritual self is like meeting a long-lost family member who you didn’t know you missed so much until reuniting with them. Clients often report seeing colors, seeing loving presences, and having present or past life memories.

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Sessions are $200 for 50 minutes.


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