Healing From Self-Criticism and Self-Blame

Healing from self criticism and self blame

I have suffered from self-blame and self-criticism. It was very painful to told by my own thoughts how horrible I was, a failure, a loser...just because I didn’t do something perfectly or thought I saw someone look at me in a way that I interpreted to mean they didn’t like me. It hurt to believe those things about myself.

Along with having this pain, I have also been blessed with spontaneous spiritual experiences throughout my life in which I felt a loving Presence surround me. At those moments I felt joyous, peaceful, expanded, and had a calm knowing that I was absolutely lovable and worthy. I wanted more of these feelings, and that drove me to dig deep to heal from self attack.

The second healing ingredient is a direct experience of the unconditional love of Presence. I have found sound to be a potent way to connect with Presence in a visceral way. In a way that’s undeniable and has nothing to do with any dogma. I will post a video soon of the sacred sounds that come through me so you can feel how they affect you. Many people have told me they've experienced a profound shift from listening to these sounds. I would love for you to let me know your experience.

I'm going to make this a monthly newsletter to share more about healing from this mean inner voice, and to include more videos of healing sounds. I am also including my schedule of events where you can hear these sounds live.

Healing from this harsh inner critic is possible as we feel the truth in our body and emotions that we are more than we think we are.

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