Trusting in Love

When you’ve experienced betrayal, it’s hard to trust that there is a loving Essence that truly supports you. And who hasn’t experienced betrayal? It’s so much a part of our human experience, as we’re all flawed human beings that hurt one another while doing the best we can to cope with insecurity and pain.

Essence doesn’t have our human issues that would cause it to betray our trust. Its love is constant and unconditional. We don’t have to do anything to earn it, and it never stops radiating its healing Presence to us. We get so hurt from people betraying us, however, that we pull away from this constant source of love and compassion, as we shut down our heart out of self-protection.

If we can open back up to this constant stream of love, it can bring healing to our emotional pain. The recognition that we’ve always been loved no matter how much we believed we’d been abandoned is a huge step towards that healing process.

No matter what you’re negative mind says about you, you are loved, lovable and precious.


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