10 things to do to when you’re feeling self-critical

  • What would you say to a friend who was feeling the way you are right now, or who had done the things you’re beating yourself up about? Say those things to yourself now.

  • Your inner critic has wisdom for you, it’s just telling you in a hurtful way. If you insisted that it talk to you in a respectful and kind way, what message does it have that supports your growth and well-being?

  • Remind yourself of 5 things you’ve done that you would respect and value if anyone else did them. Write them down and look at them when you are feeling badly about yourself.

  • Name 5 of your strengths. If you can’t think of them, ask your friends. Write these down as well to look at when you need reminders of your worth.

  • Pray for compassion for yourself to fill your heart.

  • Think of a time you were sharing love with a person or an animal. Notice how that love feels in your body. Send that love to the child within you that isn’t feeling good enough or lovable. See her or him receiving this love.

  • Watch a funny movie to help yourself laugh.

  • Call a friend or family member who loves you

  • Listen to someone who is uplifting and inspirational through reading or video.

  • Do inner work on yourself to heal and know the truth of how lovable and wonderful you truly are

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