Are You Afraid of Your Power?

If you’re afraid of your power, you are so not alone. If you’ve experienced hurt at the hands of those with power, you most likely either shrink from it, or become aggressive yourself out of self-preservation. Neither or these reactions feel good inside. If you shrink from power, you end up continuing to be hurt by others. If you have become aggressive, it doesn’t feel good to be hurting people yourself.

I have been thinking a lot about power lately, and what its purpose is. Power is the ability to create, to make things manifest, to have an impact. It is a heady thing to have power surge through your being, and be able to make things happen.

It is essential to be connected with your heart when having power surge through you. Then, you can trust yourself to have power. Power has taken over those most of those who’ve used it. Power has had them, rather their having power. To have power, it is essential to maintain connection to the heart; with love and respect. To use power properly, it is important to have such a strong connection to your core, to that which is in loving connection with all life, that power can then be consciously channeled to be used respectfully.

When you can use power consciously, you become free to have it surge through you to create the life you want. You can trust yourself to come from a place of authority, and speak your truth.

I am excited to be helping my clients learn to consciously channel power! I am joyful to help people create the life they want. How exciting is that!! I’m also dedicated to healing the great discord in our world through learning to own our power and use it in the name of love. We can make a difference when we are in our power!

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