Vibrational Healing

We often turn to external things to fill in our empty places, and to quiet that sense of not being good enough. We turn to relationships, to substances, to money and careers. But these will never be fulfilling because they’re substitutes for the real thing…love. We crave love, yet often feel undeserving of it. Without meaning to, we are constantly pushing love away because we don’t trust it and don’t feel worthy of it.

Whether we feel worthy of it or not, love is constantly present. It’s the most powerful force in the universe, and isn’t diminished in the least by our lack of trust in it. Quantum physics validates that we are part of a unified field; we are all connected with one another.

If we are open to it, there is a spiritual energy that can unwind our unsatisfying emotional patterns and limiting beliefs. It can fill us with so much unconditional love that it melts away our fears and our painful sense of separation.

Vocal sound can carry the vibrations of this spiritual energy so it can transform our lives. The sounds that come through me can be a vehicle through which Essence melts the barriers that surround your heart, so you can feel loved and whole.


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