Do You Feel Alone?

Do you feel alone, even when you’re around other people? Do you feel alone in your relationship?

Feeling alone is painful! It hurts to feel that sense of separation that leaves you feeling unloved, no matter how many people actually love you.

When your trust has been damaged as a child, it’s next to impossible to really let anyone in. There’s a guard around your heart that leaves you protecting yourself, even when you don’t want to anymore. That protection, while it leaves you safe, can also leave you feeling lonely.

Know that no matter how alone you feel, the truth is you’re not. Quantum physics has shown us that we are all connected, which is something spiritual traditions have taught throughout the ages.

There is an energetic field of connectivity that if you can tap into it, would let you FEEL- in your body- your connection to everyone. It would no longer be an abstract theory, but a visceral knowing. This field of connectivity can help your nervous system to recalibrate, so you can feel safe enough to be open your heart and let love in.

It’s next to impossible to think your way into healing the sense of being alone. Vocal sound, when combined with psychotherapy, can help you become attuned to how loved and lovable you are, right here and now. This combination can help your heart to heal from past emotional wounds, and come into the reality of experiencing how loved and lovable you are.

It would be an honor to help you heal your past, so you can discover how loved you are in the present.


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