Allowing Essence to Move You

If you would like to evolve into who you’re being called to be, I invite you to allow spiritual intelligence and love to transform you. It knows more than your personality-based mind does, and it can unwind you in ways that will amaze you,

When I have allowed myself to be moved by the spiritual energy that I have been in touch with all my life, the results have always been profound. I end up happier and more joyous than I imagined


Most of us are scared to trust because of the betrayals we have experienced. What my spiritual experiences have taught me is that betrayal is an opportunity to dig in deep and feel compassion for anyone who does hurtful deeds (including ourselves) knowing that anyone who hurts others is coming out of their own emotional pain that they don’t know how to cope with.

If you dare to allow Essence to move you, what awaits you is greater than what you experience in your life right now. I know this is true because of the joyous states I’ve been transported to at those moments when Essence has taken me there. I remember other lifetimes when we used abilities that we don’t even know we have now, such as in ancient Egypt. Essence can reawaken those abilities in us once again, as they’ve always been there.

Sound healing is a powerful vehicle through which Essence can recalibrate your nervous system and open up new possibilities. I invite you to allow Essence to transform your life through the ancient sounds that come through me. I can also guide you in discovering the healing power in your own voice.

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