Don’t Let Depression and Anxiety Be the Boss of You!

Depression and anxiety can feel so awful!

Does it sometimes feel that depression and anxiety have power over you? Do you and your loved ones tell yourself to get over it and be happy, but that just makes you feel even worse because you can’t?

Even though the voice of depression can be very convincing in telling you negative and nasty things about yourself, the truth is that you are lovable and whole just as you are. Your first reaction to those words might be to discount them and scoff. That’s all part of the trance that the powerful negativity of depression and anxiety can create.

It turns out that the powerful spell created by the loud booming voice of depression that puts you down is like the wizard of Oz. It seems so real and overpowering, but when you really look behind the curtain, it’s just an illusion.

Something that helps break the trance is to bring these negative messages into the light of day by sharing them with someone who sees who you really are, as well as with others who are suffering from the same oppression. This is the last thing the voice of depression wants you to do, as it loses its power that way.

Sound healing can also be an extremely powerful way to break this painful spell. Sound can reset the neuro-pathways in your nervous system, so you can see yourself from a more loving and whole perspective.

I’d love to help you free yourself from the tyranny of depression and anxiety!

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