Love Can Heal You Two

We are alive to share love. There is nothing more precious than love, and everything we do is an attempt to give and receive love.

Our being will do whatever it takes to heal the unresolved pain we carry around with us that stands in the way of love. A romantic relationship has the perfect alchemy to allow love to heal us, since it brings up our deepest fears of not being loved. If we react by pulling away, blaming, and judging/condemning the other person or ourselves, we reinforce our emotional wounds.

Love is always the answer. It is the healing balm for all emotional hurts. When a couple is stuck in either fighting or distancing, love (which is always present no matter what) seems painfully far away. To be with someone you want to be close to, yet are far away from, is heartbreaking.

Vocal sound can be extremely helpful to move a couple from a place of separation and distance to compassion and connection. Sound can be the way to give voice to feelings that are hard to put into words, and to deepen the ability of each partner to hear one another. I’ve had couples I worked with say “oh, I didn’t know you felt that way” after listening to the others vocalization, even though they had been saying the same thing unsuccessfully with words.

Words mean different things to different people, and using them can create misunderstanding. Sounds are universal and touch our very guts and hearts. When you hear someone laugh, doesn’t the sound of laughter bring an instant smile to your face? No one would ask, “What do you mean by that?”

Another way vocal sounds can help is by literally harmonizing a couple with one another. Just as instruments in an orchestra harmonize with one another so they will make beautiful music together. When a couple is in harmony with one another, it is so much easier to come from the heart and allow love to have its’ way.

Working with the voice in this way has nothing to do with sounding good, so there’s no need to have a good voice to do it. It’s all about allowing the love that is in each partner’s heart to do what the couple came together to do: heal the wounds that separate one person from another. And to share the joy and fulfillment that only love can bring.

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