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Notice: Due to Covid-19, in an effort to keep everyone safe, all workshops and sessions will be held online in an effort to keep everyone safe. All of the groups, workshops, and events I am holding right now are free in hopes that I can help anyone who is struggling during this time. Donations are very much appreciated.

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Free Upcoming Live Event:

Finding Your Inner Peace in Stressful Times

This is a trying time for many of us. Worries, fears, anxieties, and stress may be taking hold of your mind; you may be finding it hard to sleep, to concentrate, or to find joy in the things you used to. It may feel impossible to calm your mind or to achieve a state of relaxation. If you relate to any of these things then this event is for you. I will be doing two free facebook live events in the hopes of helping people who are struggling in this time. Through the miracle of sound, I will guide you to find your inner peace that is always there, waiting for you to connect to it. With my voice and the healing crystal bowls, I will create vibrations of peace, relaxation, and healing that will be captured using a high quality microphone and sent directly to your speakers. I invite you to join me on one or both of these free online events, and see what sound can do for you.


Tuesday 5/19 12:00PM - 12:30PM & Thursday 5/21 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM PST


Facebook Live. Click the icon to be directed to The Sounding Heart's Facebook page where the event will be hosted, and like the page to be notified at the start of these events.

Finding Your Inner Peace in Stressful Times:

A 4 week Zoom Sound Healing Group

After the live event, I will be hosting a 4 week Zoom series with the same intention.This group will have two parts. In the first half hour, we will be putting our voices together to create a group sound. It is ancient wisdom that when people put their voices together, power healing states and shifts of consciousness occur. This is because the group voice is more powerful than any one voice alone. We will be creating a soothing bath of cleansing sounds as a group in a supportive atmosphere where all voices are welcome. A potent way to reduce stress, create the conditions for optimal health, and find a safe harbor for the heart. 

The group voice gives a sense of nurturing connection to each member, as the collective sound lifts everyone's vibration, and gives the yummy, delicious experience of being in harmony with a community, so desperately needed in this time of being isolated from one another in our homes. This is great to relive the sense of loneliness and isolation many of us are experiencing right now from being in our separate homes. There are no wrong sounds! You don't need a "good voice" to participate. 

The second half of the group will be a sound bath in which you get to lie back and be soothed, nurtured and comforted. You will be infused with transformational healing sounds from alchemical crystal bowls combined with Shira’s voice. Her vocalizations are powerful and moving; sometimes they sound ancient and tribal, and sometimes angelic and from other realms. These sounds will calm your nervous system, and literally harmonize your emotions and body so you feel better. These sounds are uplifting and calming.

This group is free to all, donations are appreciated.


Every Thursday 12:30-1:30 PM PST from 5/28 to 6/18


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