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Sounding Heart Workshop

The Sounding Heart is a powerful yet gentle healing method to help you heal from depression, anxiety and trauma.  It can help you listen to your body and emotions with compassion and kindness.


Sound can free you from stuck emotional patterns. Just as a singer can shatter a glass through her voice, sound can break apart the negative patterns created in the cells and neural pathways. This can allow new possibilities in your life that are more in harmony with who you really are.


The vibrations in the crystal bowls and the voice can raise your frequency so that you feel more uplifted, at peace, and in touch with loving kindness. This work can help you feel that loving kindness towards yourself...something so hard for most of us.


Are you ready to unlock your magnificence?

  • Heal from depression and anxiety

  • Know more clearly what you feel and need

  • Open up new possibilities for your life

  • Be nourished by the love that is always in your heart


Saturday March 7th from 2-5 PM

$45 prepaid, $55 at the door

310 Locust St. Suite E Santa Cruz

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