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Healing From Self-Criticism and  Blame


Saturday October 26th from 3-5 PM

Do you wish you could be kinder to yourself, and treat yourself as nicely as you do your friends? You're not alone! Come learn tools to develop a more loving relationship with you.



310 Locust St. Suite E Santa Cruz

6 month group

Do you battle with self-doubt and not feeling worthy? Do you tend to be harsh or critical with yourself?

 Let’s turn this around together! None of us were meant to do this alone.


This group is a compassionate, heart-centered community where each person will be seen with tenderness and respect. We will honor our strengths and beauty as well as oour emotional wounds. This will be a rare circle in which all of you is welcome.

Being in such a safe circle allows your wounded places which have been hiding, perhaps even from you, to be seen, appreciated, known and accepted.


 We will be integrating body, mind, feelings and spirit. You will be given the tools to help you become your own best friend as you connect with like-minded souls.This is a unique group in that it offers the modern tools of psychotherapy to create a safe space for feelings to surface and heal, and powerful ancient energy technologies that allow you to shift energy and connect with inner resources. 


  • -Receive tools to transform your negative beliefs about yourself (known and unknown) that lead you to dislike and mistrust yourself, into ones in which are more supportive and true.

  • -Learn to work with sound frequencies through the voice and crystal bowls to change stuck        emotional patterns. Sound can open up a new experience of self-love and appreciation that   goes beyond what you were taught about yourself.

  • -Explore a spiritual connection that is without dogma, and is based on your body-based and   feeling level experience.


Come and find more confidence, self trust, and an inner directed kindness that can allow you to blossom


The group will be on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8 PM. The cost is $160 a month (4 weeks) starting January 2020. It will be held at my Santa Cruz office 

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