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Uplift, Release, Connect : 

A 5 level Healing Journey with the Sounding Heart Method

Are you feeling fearful and down about all the upheaval and certainty in the world right now? 


You’re not alone! 


If you’re feeling like this, you may be doing everything you can to try and get away from these feelings, but that only makes things worse. Often times when there are negative emotions or pain we pull away from ourselves, attempting to distract ourselves by whatever means possible to avoid those feelings. As much as we do this to protect ourselves, it only serves to shut us down, closing off our heart and our minds and causing more pain than it saves. Facing this can be scary, but it is so important to do so for our well being and sanity.

There’s a saying that the only way out is through. It’s only by learning to be present with the depression, anxiety and fear that you will truly feel better. By becoming your own best friend and connecting with these difficult feelings with kindness and compassion that you will find relief. The power to do this lies in your heart.


 Experience the powerful impact of the ancient healing art of sound therapy combined with the modern tools of psychotherapy, guided by a therapist who has been practicing both for 40 years. Through this deep healing journey, you can experience more harmony, balance, calm, inner peace, confidence, connection, and synchronicity with the universe. Discover the life-changing experience of becoming your own best friend, and treating yourself with kindness and understanding. 

Everything in this world is in a constant state of vibration, and all vibration creates a sound. It is often not at a frequency that we can hear, but just as we know that ultraviolet and infrared light exists but can’t see them because our sight is limited, so is the same with our limited hearing and the vibration of everything around us. Because everything is vibrating, and all vibrations create a sound, this means that everything has a sound: every organ in our body, every emotion, and every state of consciousness. We are very affected by sound. Think of how you feel in your body and emotions when you hear a siren, and then how you feel when you hear waves on the ocean. Our emotions and body entrain, or match, the frequency of those sounds and it changes us. 

Healing sounds can attune the body and emotions. Just as instruments in an orchestra get out of tune, so do we. You would want to leave the room if the instruments in the orchestra were out of tune. It would sound awful. Even though we can’t hear it, we feel awful when we are out of tune. Just as a musical instrument can be put back in tune, so can we, and this is where sound therapy comes in.


In order to truly dive deeply into each aspect of inner healing, this healing journey has 5 seperate levels; each level is a month long and focused on one important theme of the healing process. Each level is broken down into 4 weeks, with every week expanding on this theme. This allows you to fully immerse yourself into your healing journey, taking time along the way to allow adjustment and self reflection, and to encourage a deepening relationship with yourself. That is where this healing journey comes in. I will create a safe, loving, and supportive space in which we can all come together, and through sound open up to this part of ourselves with compassion and kindness. When we do this, we release what has been holding us back for too long, and we open ourselves to love and new possibilities. I end every session with the soothing sound of the crystal bowls, to bring coherence and clarity and to solidify the work we have done. 


The 5 levels of this workshop and their descriptions:

Level 1: Acceptance and presence

Life is ever moving, like the water of a flowing river. When we are stuck- unable to let go of the past or things that no longer serve us, and disconnected from our true selves-we get tossed about by the water and are unable to find our footing. When we find the ability to accept ourselves completely, and let go of the idea of what we should be and rather see with compassion what we are, we no longer fight the waters and instead we flow with the river. This process increases the impact of the sound healing work we do even further, allowing it to gently shift us back into alignment. We work on becoming present and mindful with this new acceptance.

Week 1 - Breathing and mindfulness to increase body awareness and relaxation

Week 2 - Beginning Body Scan Develop a safe place within

Week 3 - Deepening Body Scan

Week 4 - Advanced Body Scan


Level 2: Creating a safe space

To allow the movement of the vibrations in sound to carry you to leave old unsatisfying patterns behind, you need to feel safe. You need a place to go to inside that leaves you feeling secure and grounded, away from turmoil and overwhelming emotions. When you feel safe, you can relax, and your nervous system can recharge- you can breathe and open up to more positive feelings, more support. This level will teach you ways to create your own safe place inside, and ways to come back to this place in times of stress. These exercises will teach you how to soothe and calm your nervous system when you’re anxious and fearful, or when you need a break from negative thoughts and expectations.

Week 1 – Creating Your Personal Safe Place

Week 2 – Using Your 5 Senses to Come into the Moment

Week 3 - Activating the Vagus Nerve Through Sound

Week 4 – Sense of Smell to Change Brain Chemistry


Level 3: Finding Your Own Voice 

Many of us are very fearful of using our voice. We may be afraid we are going to sound “wrong” or “awkward”, because society has taught us to quiet our voice.   Yet, our voice is connected to our very soul, and it has the power to hear our negative emotions with empathy, and to soothe and comfort us. Our voice empowers us to be more authentic. In the safety of a group of like minded souls, these structured vocal exercises will introduce you to the healing power in your own voice. Everyone in my workshops finds it’s so liberating to begin to use their voice to express who they really are and how they really feel. You can find so much relief in authentically expressing yourself through your voice.


Week 1 – Hearing and Vocalizing Inner Sounds

Week 2 – Discover and Explore the Healing Power in Your Voice

Week 3 – Releasing Pain and Tension Through Your Voice

Week 4 – Deepening the Release of Pain and Tension


Level 4: Connecting with Spirit

Many of us have become disconnected from Spirit from what we have been taught it is or is supposed to be. This level gives an opportunity to connect with love and harmony of Source through a direct visceral experience. It allows us to connect with unconditional love; where we are loved for who we are, not who we should be. We don’t have to earn it or deserve this love. Unconditional love is nourishing for our heart and soul. It is a love that we can trust because it’s constant. We feel this unconditional love in our bodies, and it lifts our vibration invoked through hearing the crystal bowls. The sounds remind us of the presence of love and the feeling of being in contact with it. The bowls combined with the voice vibrate unconditional love so we can feel it. Many experience a sense of “oh yes! That’s what it feels like. I remember now.” This unconditional love heals us at the deepest level. It brings healing balm to our emotional wounds that came from not feeling loved or lovable.

Week 1 – Art as a Pathway to Spirit

Week 2 – Sounds of Nature

Week 3 – Discover the Innate Spiritual Nature in Your Voice

Week 4 – Deepen Ability to Express this Spiritual Gift


Level 5: Releasing Negative Emotions Through Sound

We have the amazing ability to release negative emotions through our voice. Holding on to negative emotions isn’t healthy for us, or anyone in our lives. This level teaches you how to use your voice to release negative emotions from your body and mind and then fill yourself with positive emotions. Harmonic sounds put coherence back into us which allows us to heal. This is a safe way to release without becoming overwhelmed by the negative emotions. It allows you to hear these negative emotions with compassion and care. This is the key to healing. Voice can give expression to feelings hard to name or identify. Shira will use her expertise so the experience is not overwhelming, but powerful enough to hear and honor that those feelings are there. For example, when you hit your toe your natural impulse is to yell “ow!” This helps the pain to release. Doing this in-group lets you be supported while releasing these emotions, so you do not have to face them alone. We all need the company of one another to know we are not alone in our struggle. Depression and anxiety feed off a sense of isolation. The presence of others helps bring fellowship to those places that feel alone. 

Week 1 – Groundwork to do this Work

Week 2 - Opportunity to Release Chaos and Uncertainty

Week 3 – Therapeutic Work – Combining Psychotherapy and Sound Healing

Week 4 – Tying it All Together – Implementing what You’ve Learned

An ongoing group will be offered for those who wish to continue with this healing journey.

You sign up for one level at a time. You can take just one level, or all 5

Level 1


4 Thursdays from October 1- October 22 from 6:30-7:30 PST 


Zoom meeting. Click the button below to sign up



Past Event: Facebook Live Event

Are you feeling isolated, alone, depressed, or anxious? Feeling the desire to connect to something bigger than yourself? If so you are not alone. 

This is a trying time for many of us. Worries, fears, anxieties, depression, and stress may be taking hold of your mind; you may be finding it hard to sleep, to concentrate, or to find joy in the things you used to. It may feel impossible to calm your mind or to achieve a state of mental peace. If you relate to anything listed above, then I encourage you to join me in a FREE Facebook live event. 

Using my voice and high frequency crystal bowls, I will create vibrations of peace, relaxation, and healing. Through the miracle of sound, I will guide you to find your inner peace that is always there, waiting for you to connect to it. I invite you to join me on this free online event, and see what sound can do for you.

When: Thursday September 17th from 6:30-7 PM PST

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