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Notice: Due to Covid-19, in an effort to keep everyone safe, all workshops and sessions will be held online in an effort to keep everyone safe. All of the groups, workshops, and events I am holding right now are free in hopes that I can help anyone who is struggling during this time. Donations are very much appreciated.

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Facebook Live Events

Are you feeling isolated, alone, depressed, or anxious? Feeling the desire to connect to something bigger than yourself? If so you are not alone. 

This is a trying time for many of us. Worries, fears, anxieties, depression, and stress may be taking hold of your mind; you may be finding it hard to sleep, to concentrate, or to find joy in the things you used to. It may feel impossible to calm your mind or to achieve a state of mental peace. If you relate to anything listed above, then I encourage you to join me in a FREE facebook live event. 

Thursday July 16th and Monday July 27th from 6:30-7 PM PST

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Uplift, Release, Connect :

A weekly Sounding Heart Group

Join a community of like minded souls and discover the power of sound healing in a weekly virtual group. 

Through this group you can:

  • Cast off old patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking that have left you stuck in life, as old neural pathways are released and new ones are allowed to grow that are more in alignment with your desired life. 

  • Release stress, anxiety, and unwanted negative emotions.

  • Return to your center

  • Feel uplifted and inspired

  • Find your own voice 

  • Find meaningful connection with others


In this group you will both receive a soothing bath of sound, as well as be gently guided in using your own voice to channel your own healing and alignment. You will also have time to talk and to share with others in the group, building a connection through healing. 

To be in this group you do NOT need to have

  • A “good” voice

  • Experience with sound healing

  • Confidence in speaking out

We welcome all people from all walks of life to experience this Journey of Sound and Connection with us. We will be meeting weekly on Zoom, signing up per month.

Thursdays starting August 13th from 6-7 PM PST on Zoom

Want to try it out first before committing? Come on Thursday August 6th from 6-7 PST

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