What Clients Say

Shira is an amazing and compassionate healer.  The transformation I have experienced from my work with her has been phenomenal.   If you'd like to improve your life, your relationships and your capacity to be in joy and at peace, I highly recommend working with her!
-Cindie A., Aptos, CA


“Shira is a wonderful healer. She personally healed me when I was suffering from tinnitus and allergies. I recommend her to anyone who is in need of healing.”

-Grandmaster Jay Dunston, 8th Level Blackbelt


“With Shira's guidance and support, I got in touch with an isolated and lonely aspect of myself that felt like it had been locked inside me most of my life. Learning to Sound out its pain and to bring in healing and love was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had.  More of me is available now to live this beautiful life and I have a deep and profound skill she taught me to heal from the inside out.”

-Laura Taylor, Body Mind Coach


“My first Sound Healing experience with was absolutely amazing!!  When Shira opened her mouth and those angelic sounds came out, they seemed to open up and energize parts of my body that I didn't know existed.  I felt an immediate shift.  When I left the session I felt energetic, powerful and power filled.”

-Sandi A,. Licensed Spiritual Counselor


“I am very fortunate to have had extensive experience of the Soundhealing work of Shira Stone. 
This is POWERFUL work.
It is very beneficial.  It can---and usually does---affect you on every level of being: physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Most of all, Shira's work is a path of the heart.  Her sound healing reaches and opens the heart.  Shira's Soundwork is VERY HEALING, an exceptionally powerful and effective healing modality.”

-Michael Moss, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist


“Wow! What a class! What I loved about your class was that you opened up a new world for me through a deeper appreciation of the power of sound.  I especially loved learning how to heal others as well as myself by opening my mouth and allowing sounds to emerge and I also appreciated being shown that every object had a vibration and that it was possible to tune into that vibration and actively communicate with my environment. Thank-you so much.  I feel newly empowered, more enlivened and more whole.”

-Reggie Bass, Licensed Psychotherapist


“I recently experienced a session with Shira Stone. It was absolutely wonderful!  My hands and wrists were killing me before Shira started.  After about 20 minutes of therapy, I could feel energy in them. The pain quickly left!!! I was totally amazed. I have gone back to my usual work, and the pain has not returned.  The whole experience was delightful!  It was great to be in that healing energy!!!
Thank you, Shira.”

-Rose Kennedy, Retired Supermarket Cashier



“Before I met Shira Stone, I had no idea what Sound Healing was—and to be honest, it sounded kinda hokey, and I was more than a bit skeptical.  So somewhat reluctantly agreed to do a session with her.  Well I gotta say, I still have no idea what she did to me—all I know is that life is different now!  Within a week all kinds of blocks to productivity and expanding by businesses and moving forward with my dreams and life's intentions are totally gone!  It's like the places where I used to get distracted or procrastinate in life are no longer enticing—they simply have no interest to me anymore!  Needless to say I am now a huge fan and proponent of Shira's gift and talent as a Sound Healer!"

-Tyler Oxford, Owner of Infinity Plus 1 Productions 


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Psychotherapist Shira Stone, LMFT has been licensed as a marriage and family therapist since 1992, and offers individual, couples and group counseling. Along with traditional psychotherapy, Shira works with innovative techniques, including EFT (Tapping), somatic therapy, vocal sound healing, and guided imagery/visualization to help heal trauma, depression, anxiety, weight loss, the emotional roots of illness and physical pain and provide marriage and relationship counseling.


License # 29931