Helping the Heart Listen

for couples

Have you lost the spark you once had together?


Has your sex life dwindled away?


Are you considering divorce?


Has the trust between you broken down?


My office is a safe place to talk about what’s causing you two heartache and pain, and for each of you to be heard without the fear of attack or judgement. I can help you get to the roots of hurtful or distancing patterns in your relationship, and then find the strategies that allow you to treat one another with the love that you crave and deserve.


I can teach you two how to communicate effectively with one another, including the ground rules that stop arguments and hurtful conversations. Conflict is natural in every relationship, and I can show you how to use it to create greater understanding and emotional intimacy. I can guide you in having win-win conversations so that each person feels heard and understood.




Psychotherapist Shira Stone, LMFT has been licensed as a marriage and family therapist since 1992, and offers individual, couples and group counseling. Along with traditional psychotherapy, Shira works with innovative techniques, including EFT (Tapping), somatic therapy, vocal sound healing, and guided imagery/visualization to help heal trauma, depression, anxiety, weight loss, the emotional roots of illness and physical pain and provide marriage and relationship counseling.


License # 29931