Having the Life You Want


     Imagine if there was a part of you that never stopped loving you and has never doubted you.  A part of you that hasn’t been affected by pain or fear.  This part of you does exist whether you can feel it or not.  It is the Essence that flows through all of us, and is the core of every being.  This Essence is full of love and compassion, and has the power to heal you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.


     We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like, and tend to judge and push away.  When you deprive any part of yourself of the love and compassion that you need, it negatively affects your life.  This most commonly shows up as addictions, distant or painful relationships, feeling stuck in where you are in life, over-eating, illness that is rooted in or made worse by suppressed emotions, anxiety, and depression.


     We often turn away from our pain and fear. Every time we do there is disconnection from our self.  We are like the old corded phones which got so tangled up after a while that it was hard to use the phone at all.  If we held the phone up in the air, the cord would unwind itself.  With all the judgments and disconnection from our whole selves we often don’t know how to unwind the internal cord or even where to start.  The Essence inside of us knows how, and unwinds at the rate you need to bring you back to your true peace.  Allowing the Essence to unwind you from your past experiences and pain can bring you to a state of open heartedness and fulfillment.


     My work will help you to connect with this loving Essence.  I will guide you through your personal healing journey. It would be my honor to help you unfold into who you truly are.


Psychotherapist Shira Stone, LMFT has been licensed as a marriage and family therapist since 1992, and offers individual, couples and group counseling. Along with traditional psychotherapy, Shira works with innovative techniques, including EFT (Tapping), somatic therapy, vocal sound healing, and guided imagery/visualization to help heal trauma, depression, anxiety, weight loss, the emotional roots of illness and physical pain and provide marriage and relationship counseling.


License # 29931