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Sessions may be in-person or virtual depending on your comfort and preference. You have to dedicate 50 minutes of your time per session. Sessions can be paid for individually, or you may sign up for a savings plan to get more discounts.

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What to Expect in a Session

Healing from the wounds of depression, anxiety, or trauma is a journey that begins with empathy and understanding. I will spend the first session getting to know you, learning about your symptoms, history, and current situation. The sound healing will be integrated in later sessions once this foundation has been built. This is the beginning of a profoundly healing process to help you fall more in love with yourself and reconnect with your authentic self. 


If you would like to experience sound healing without the psychotherapy component, I will spend the first 15 minutes of our session asking questions to understand your needs and intentions, then immerse you into sounds as guided by your Essence. 

Not sure if this work is right for you?

Book a free, 15-minute consultation virtually to discuss your situation, goals and healing journey thus far.