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The Sounding Heart Method is a powerful yet gentle healing process combining psychotherapy, vocal sound healing, and deep inner listening to help you heal your own body, mind, and spirit. It uses the healing power in the vibrations of the sound to stimulate and move energy on every level.

It can facilitate direct communication with your body and emotions, as well as your divine inner power that is within us all.

Through the Sounding Heart the whole range of your inner world, from the dysfunctional to the joyous, from the darkness to the light, can be accessed and brought into harmony within you. The tones in the voice are connected to your deepest feelings, memories, and awareness.

Crystal singing bowls combined with the tones in the voice resonate with the frequency of your own Essence, your very being, giving a visceral experience of being connected to something larger than yourself. What a relief it is to feel that sacred connection in your body! 


This method is effective in bringing peace to unresolved emotions and traumas, and encourages spiritual growth. This work helps soften the vice grip of control generated by our fears and sense of separation, and allows the authentic movement of our lives to unfold.


This work can help you:

  • Lessen and relieve depression and anxiety, leaving you calm and peaceful inside.

  • Purify the toxic energy we carry from daily stress, negative inner messages, and our combative world

  • Dissipate the energetic blocks that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in life

  • Create and increase self-acceptance, embracing yourself fully in this moment just as you are

  • Feel more compassion for yourself and others, opening your heart to the love that is waiting for you...

  • Experience more joy and aliveness

      Groups and Workshops:

      In our Sounding Heart groups and workshop, we restore balance and harmony to the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Vocal sound is a potent healing tool used all over the world throughout time. In the Sounding Heart groups we synchronize our voices to provide added strength and power to each member, and to create deep healing within.

As a group, we can generate a healing energy more powerful than any one voice alone. We create a safe haven for sharing our pain and struggle, at the same time that we share trust, hope and uplifting joy. This ancient method of harnessing the collective voice lets us access a state of liberation that we are normally unable to reach. In this state we can let go of the stuck emotional patterns and behaviors that are holding us back.

Together we create a soothing bath of cleansing sounds in a supportive atmosphere where all voices are welcome. 

A potent way to reduce stress, create the conditions for optimal health, and find a safe harbor for the heart. People often leave with a profound sense of all encompassing love.

Individual Sessions:

     Sounding Heart individual sessions are one on one healing sessions with the creator of The Sounding Heart, Shira Stone. Shira can assist you by using her special ability to intuit the exact sounds and tones needed for your unique healing process. These potent sounds often evoke images and feelings that lie deep beneath the surface. In this way, Shira’s work goes straight to the heart of the problem. This circumvents the great effort and time spent in traditional psychotherapy to get in touch with core issues. If you would like, Shira can help you unleash the power your in own voice for self healing.


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