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  The Sounding Heart is a powerful yet gentle healing method created by Shira Stone, a licensed marriage and family therapist who has been practicing sound healing for over 30 years. The Sounding Heart combines psychotherapy, vocal sound healing, and deep inner listening to help you heal your own body, mind, and spirit.  This method is effective in bringing peace to unresolved emotions and traumas, and encourages both personal and spiritual growth. This work helps soften the vice grip of control generated by our fears and sense of separation, and allows the authentic movement of our lives to unfold.


This work can help you:

  • Lessen and relieve depression and anxiety, leaving you calm and peaceful inside.

  • Purify the toxic energy we carry from daily stress, negative inner messages, and our combative world

  • Dissipate the energetic blocks that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in life

  • Create and increase self-acceptance, embracing yourself fully in this moment just as you are

  • Feel more compassion for yourself and others, opening your heart to the love that is waiting for you...

  • Experience more joy and aliveness

For a more in depth explanation of Sound Healing you can click Here

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