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It would be my honor to help you if you are struggling with depression and anxiety or trauma; if you find yourself being harsh and critical with yourself, putting yourself down, comparing yourself negatively to others, or having your life constricted by fear. 


You might have struggled with this for most of your life, or perhaps you’re suffering because of painful experiences, including work and relationship problems... Many people are feeling depressed and anxious from having been isolated and having our world so dramatically changed from the pandemic.


Whatever the cause, you don’t need to continue to suffer. You don’t need to go through this alone.


I would love to create a safe haven for you to bring your emotional wounds, and for us to heal them together. I know with every fiber of my being that you are worthy of kindness, care, compassion, and respect. This is true for every feeling you have, every aspect of you, and every cell in your body.

The Sounding Heart work is unique, powerful yet gentle. I combine the researched and grounded tools of psychotherapy with the ancient and transformational use of frequencies in the art of sound healing.

Together, let's help you become your own best friend, so being in your own skin can be a warm and welcoming place to live.

This work can help you:​

  • Heal the roots of depression and anxiety 

  • Learn to treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and respect

  • Soften the vice grip of control generated by your fears and sense of being separate

  • Release the tension and stress of being who you "should" be, and discover the freedom of being who you truly are

  • Re-connect with silenced feelings and aspects of you so you can feel whole and empowered

For a more in-depth explanation of Sound Healing, you can click Here


Not sure if this work is right for you?

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